As Petran, with our HP and HPE Partner expertise, we provide services to our customers in the location, installation and effective operation of Server and Data Storage Solutions.
Server and data storage solutions
Information Security and Security Solutions

As Petran, we follow the ever-changing information technology products and applications, make up-to-date training investments, and test solutions in test environments and offer them to our customers on a limited and contractual basis.

Networking Technology and Infrastructure Installations

We develop highly efficient and secure solutions for all network structures of our customers. We offer a wide range of products and services, from structured cabling to advanced networking and security devices.

Maintenance Agreements

To provide technical workforce outsourcing for the solution of software and hardware problems within the enterprise.

30 Years in the Industry

As PETRAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, we set out in 1992 with the slogan "Turns Your Business into Art," and together with our solution partners, we have realized many value-added projects.

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Turns Your Work into Art..

Petran Information Technologies

“Turn your work into art” in 1992 as Petran Information Technologies. We set out with the slogan and together with our solution partners, we signed many value-added projects. As the only authorized business partner of HP, HPE Aruba and HPE, which are the world’s leaders in the sector, in the East Marmara, we produce solutions in the fastest way by keeping up with the developing technology for the needs of private and public institutions.


Turns Your Work into Art..

About us

Turns Your Work into Art..

As Petran Information Technologies, we set out in 1992 with the slogan “Turn your work into art” and we have realized many value-added projects together with our solution partners. As the only authorized business partner of HP, HPE Aruba and HPE, which are the world’s leaders in the sector, in the East Marmara, we produce solutions in the fastest way by keeping up with the developing technology for the needs of private and public institutions. We are proud to be one of the most reliable corporate companies in our region with the support we provide with our experienced and experienced team and the power we get from our solution partners.

In today’s world, where business and technology work integrated with each other, institutions and organizations are turning to the priority of obtaining uninterrupted and more reliable results by using their resources more efficiently.

As Petran Information Technologies, we offer solutions that provide added value with our accurate, fast and reliable services in line with the expectations of our customers in the changing balance of the business world.

Your real address for accurate and fast corporate solutions…

Petran Information Technologies provides contracted services to its customers, regardless of the type, brand and model of their products, in order to ensure the continuity of their business and to provide uninterrupted and urgent support in unexpected problems. Our customers can benefit from the following service options in line with their needs:

· SupportService on the Phone
· Remote SupportService
· OnsiteSupportService
· Periodic Maintenance Service
· Support Specialist Retention Service

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Petran Information Technologies mission; To increase international and technological quality, to protect people and the environment, to be solution-oriented in technological issues, to produce continuous solutions and to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Petran Information Technologies strives to produce creative and innovative solutions that will improve people’s quality of life. While doing this, it aims to protect both the environment and human health by being aware of our social and social responsibilities.

Petran Information Technologies is a leading company in its sector, with the work we have done for 30 years and closely following the constantly renewed technological developments.

Our quality policy

Petran Information Technologies, in order to maintain its reliable and respected identity in the sectors it serves, to increase its preferability, to enable it to operate in all areas of the information sector, and to be a leading Communication and Technology Company by ensuring that it takes place in these sectors in a reliable and respected manner;

• In order to fully understand the expectations and requests of our customers and to meet these needs and expectations, the applicable standards and regulations
to fully meet the specified conditions,

• We deliver the products and services we provide in a timely and complete manner.
to our customers,

• To provide after-sales support of our services to ensure customer satisfaction without interruption,

• To provide high-tech, high-quality and economical products and services to our customers with our project designs,

• To always improve our level of knowledge by giving importance to research and education, to share the knowledge with our employees and customers,

• To develop existing products and services by constantly following the technology, to add new products and services that add value to our company,

• To prioritize honesty, mutual trust and cooperation in all our relationships, including with our customers and suppliers,

• To see team spirit and teamwork understanding as one of the basic elements of our company culture,

• Contributing to and owning the company’s goals and strategies,

• To give due importance to internal information flow and coordination,

Petran Information Technologies constitutes the basic principles of quality understanding. It is our aim to adhere to these principles, to comply with the conditions of a quality system in compliance with national and international standards and regulations, to continuously improve and maintain it, and to always develop our understanding of quality.

Our solutions

We offer our customers the latest innovations in technology with professional project applications. We transform your work into art by reflecting our knowledge and experience to you in the best way possible.

Solution partners

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